7 Ways To Highlight Girl Scouts On Your College Application

Girl Scouts can be an activity on your college application. But is it more than a check box or can you highlight more than years involved?

7 Tips for highlighting Girl Scouts on your common college application:

1. You can order Girl Scouts as higher on your level of interest and personal importance within your college application.

2. You can tailor your activity type to your Girl Scout experience: Other club, career oriented, community service, computer and tech (if coding or STEM activities).

3. Position and leadership activities: can be open-ended and could include leadership awards you have earned.

4. You can add details about any scouting experience such as Trailblazers or travel in additional information.

5. Community Service opportunities are endless. You can add Silver Award or Gold Award, Presidential Volunteer Service Award, Service to Community Awards, and Service to Girl Scouts Award. You can also highlight service done as a troop, such as run a service unit camporee or working at honor flights.

6. Paid work can be highlighted if you were paid as a camp CIT or staff member. You can include PG or state if planning to work between high school and college.

7. Your personal essay is an opportunity to highlight some of experiences in Girl Scouts.

What ways have you highlighted your Girl Scout experience on your college applications?


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