Winter Olympics Indoor Party Ideas

The 2022 Winter Olympics is here! If you’re needing some fun indoor games and activities to celebrate, I’ve compiled several easy-to-pull-off indoor Winter Olympics party ideas needing minimal supplies.

Olympics Trivia

As you’re setting up, challenge your guests to an Olympics-themed trivia contest. I gathered facts about the Winter games and the history of the ancient Olympics for this printable.

Figure Skating

Let the kids perform on a flat surface for figure skating in their socks. Make sure you have cards for the judges to award points.

Speed Skating

Break out the painter’s tape and a few cones for a speed skating in your socks competition.


Use painter’s tape to create a box at one end of the room. Players should slide plastic bracelets across the floor with the goal of landing on the edges of the box. If they land outside or inside of the box, they don’t count. The first player to land a bracelet on all four sides of the box wins.

More Indoor Winter Olympics Game Ideas

Here are more indoor games for your Winter Olympics party that may require more supplies or closer proximity to others (which can be a concern in the pandemic) :


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