How to Earn the Silver Leadership Torch – Even if You’re in Homeschool


Half my first-year Cadette troop will be earning their Silver Torch for leadership at our last meeting of the school year. To say I’m proud doesn’t give those girls enough credit.

Earning the Silver Leadership Torch isn’t just about reading about leadership. It’s living it.

Cadette Girl Scouts have to complete their journey and give a term’s worth of service in a leadership role. It may be student council or a club or honor society at school. 

But even if you don’t attend traditional school, there are plenty of ways to serve.

One of my girls earning the leadership torch is a homeschool student. She had earned the award by serving the last year with my daughter and other middle school age students as leaders and teachers at our church’s Little Flowers girls club.

Another girl in my troop has taken a leadership role in her 4-H Club.

And my daughter jumped in for our council’s new local older girls sounding board.

I’m proud of these girls because they took the initiative to make a difference and lead, not because of an award but because they felt called.

I tell you this because no matter who you are and what your circumstances are, there are ways you can lead quietly. You don’t have to be popular and student council president to achieve this. You don’t have to attend a bricks and mortar school to achieve this. There are ways big and small that you can make a difference. All you have to do is look.


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