10 Ways to Earn Your Considerate and Caring Petal

Considerate and Caring - How to earn the light green Daisy Petal for Girl Scouts

  1. Visit a nursing home and play games.
  2. Participate in Scouting for Food or other food drives.
  3. Make Valentine’s for veterans.
  4. Invite little sisters to a meeting. (Could also meet Daisy bridging requirements.)
  5. Earn the Year of Mercy or corporal works of mercy patch.
  6. Read Big Words for Little People.
  7. Make get well cards for the local hospital.
  8. Adopt a child from an Angel Tree at Christmas, or donate toys to the Toys for Tots drive.
  9. Make pet toys out of worn jeans for the animal shelter.
  10. Big Words for Little People: Read for the Daisy Girl Scout Considerate and Caring PetalTake 5. Girl Guides of Canada offers this great “Take 5” activity as part of their Mental Health Awareness Day packet for leaders. In it, they use icons to explain these ideals to girls:
    1. It’s never OK to hurt others. It’s never ok to hurt others physically, emotionally or be destructive to their property no matter how big our feelings are.
    2. Take three deep breaths or count to 10 slowly. Take a deep breath slowly, hold while you count to 10 in your head and then let it our slowly. Repeat two more times.
    3. Use words to say how I feel and what I wish to happen. Be clear with your words.
    4. Ask for help to solve/deal with the problem. Find someone you trust and who can help you. Explain what you need from them or be clear in what you need help with.
    5. Take time to calm down. Walk away. Do something else for a while. Take some time to be active. Come back to the situation with a clear head when you are calmer and start again.


How has your Daisy Troop worked on “Considerate and Caring?” Share your ideas below!

How can I help you best as a troop leader?

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