Girl Scout Traditions for Girl Scout Way Badges

Drawing a blank when it comes to Girl Scout traditions for the Girl Scout Way badges? Check out 13 Girl Scout traditions to get you started:

  1. Make S’Mores.
  2. Make SWAPs. (Pinterest has a host of them!)
  3. Celebrate World Thinking Day
  4. Learn about Juliette Low.
  5. Sing campfire songs (even better, choose something from when you were a scout!)
  6. End your meetings with a Friendship circle (ending with the friendship squeeze).
  7. Hold an Investiture Ceremony 
  8. Make a sit-upon.
  9. Girl Scout Ceremony of International Friendship
  10. Play Kim’s Game.
  11. Read the Brownie story
  12. Retire a flag.
  13. Hold a Girl Scout rededication ceremony (try this GORP Rededication Ceremony for younger scouts or this Rededication Ceremony for Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors).

Girl Scout traditions - Earn your Girl Scout Way badgeWhat traditions did I miss? Leave them below!


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