Easy Bath Bombs with Your Girl Scouts

My Cadettes have been asking about making bath bombs. Since stress seems so high when you’re a teen or tween, we’ve been trying to add in stress-reduction and a bit of pampering from time to time.

Last year, we made Thin Mint Inspired Bath Salts. I’ve since gotten requests to try bath bombs, but in truth, it took some time to find a working recipe that I was happy with. I tried a lot of bath bomb recipes, with varying results. Here is my favorite.


How to Make Bath Bombs

I love the analogy that making bath bombs is like making cookies.

In your bowl, mix your dry ingredients together first. In a separate bowl, mix all the wet ingredients. Add the wet to the dry and mix together.

(You may see some fizzing, that is the water interacting with the citric acid. Just keep stirring fast to minimize this.)

You will want the mixture to be somewhat dry but holds its shape when packed together. Squeeze some of the mixture in your hand. If it stays in its shape, then you are good to go.

Let the mixture dry in the molds for at least 12 hours. This is important! I’ve had bath bomb fails where the bomb grew in size during drying or lost its shape. My children haven’t let me forget about the time I ended up with a bath bomb “bread” because I set bath bombs into a bread pan early – and they molded together overnight!

Then you can gently pop them out. You might have to softly tap the mold to remove the bath bomb.

Here's how to make easy bath bombs at your next Girl Scout spa nightWhere Do I Find Bath Bomb Molds?

You can buy bath bomb molds in the traditional round shape. (I constantly use these metal bath bomb molds I found on Amazon.)

Or you can get creative.

If you are sending your scouts home before the bath bombs are expected to be dry, you can use Easter eggs or plastic fillable Christmas ornaments (make sure you get the kind you can open in half, so you can remove them later.

If you have the luxury of time (such as during a spa overnight), you can make bath bombs using traditional molds, fun shapes like a Death Star from Star Wars, or silicone molds of all kinds of shapes.

Here are some cute examples to get you thinking:

Make emoji bath bombs with your Girl Scout troop   How to make flower bath bombs at your Girl Scout spa night

  Make Christmas bath bombs with your Girl Scout troop

What Scents Should I Use?

My go-to scent for bath bombs is lavender.  For large projects like bath bombs, I use Plant Therapy’s lavender essential oil, which gives me a very similar scent to some of the more high-end brands of essential oils.

Other scent combinations I like for bath bombs:

Have another idea you didn’t see above? Share it below!

Buying multiple scents of essential oils? You can get $10 off a $25 purchase at the Plant Therapy website with this link. 

What If My Bath Bombs Don’t Turn Out?

I have had more than my share of bath bomb fails! This is basic chemistry, so too wet or too dry of mixtures and air can impact your final results.

Too wet? Add a bit more dry ingredients (if you haven’t molded it yet) or let them dry longer.

Break while taking them out? You can still use them just fine. 🙂

Dry crumbling mess? You’ve just created fizzy bath salts!

Just have fun and enjoy the process! 🙂

Looking for More Spa Ideas?

Check out these ideas we’ve enjoyed with our troop:

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  1. I am attempting this for 16 2nd year Brownies, and trying to figure out how much the recipe makes. I am using the Easter Egg Method, and notice they are already crazy expanding. Are they meant to blow up like this? How much should we be filling the eggs? Thanks for the tips! We are doing the Science badge while making parents christmas gifts.


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