Tips For Making Bath Bombs With Your Girl Scouts (Virtual Meeting)

Our troop struggled with virtual meetings. A group of 17 girls, with siblings wandering in and out of the room, can be the grounds for chaos under in-person circumstances.

However, we gave our virtual meetings and our troop’s school year a send off with a bath bomb making party that was a huge success.

The great thing about making bath bombs with your Girl Scout troop is that it really is a cost-effective activity, it’s messy in a controlled messy kind of way, and it gives the girls something they can recreate at home for gifts or for themselves. Plus making bath bombs is a blast!

Tips for Making Bath Bombs in a Virtual Meeting

Before the meeting:

  • Order supplies in bulk from Amazon or another supplier. While baking soda is easy to find, ingredients like citric acid can be a challenge.
  • Deliver supplies to families in advance. I asked for RSVP 3 days in advance so I can deliver dry ingredients. Those who didn’t had to hunt to find citric acid (often with the canning supplies, but is hit and miss as to whether you can find it.)
  • Let parents provide the olive oil or coconut oil, any essential oils for scent and the molds. They don’t need bath bomb molds per se; they can also use Easter eggs, muffin tins or silicone molds.
  • Provide written instructions even if you prepared ingredients! If your liquids are off, your project will be a mess.

During the meeting:

  • Make sure all girls cover the keyboards of their devices with towels. Your parents will thank you later!
  • Discourage “add ons” like food coloring. As you can’t see whether it’s gel or water-based food-coloring, adding food coloring could impact your bath bombs’ ability to set correctly.
  • Laugh. A lot. Someone will invariably make a mess. Laugh with them. (And even if it becomes a mess and it doesn’t set prettily, the ingredients are the same, and they can still be used in the bath.)
  • Remind the girls the bath bombs need a day or so to set before they are completely dry.

bath bombs diy

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