How To Make Cork Air Plant Terrariums For Cadette Breathe Journey

Air plant terrariums are a terrific, hands-on craft idea to accompany the Cadette Breathe Journey or Junior Gardening badge.

Air plants are low-key indoor house plants that only need to be set in water for a few minutes a week, and I’ve found them very forgiving.

Air plants have no roots and do not grow in soil. Instead, they are depending on a weekly soaking, air and light for their needs.

After looking at different ways to use air plants, I settled on the idea of an easy to care for cork terrarium using upcycled items and leftover craft supplies. Using a wide-mouth jar instead of a small entry allows you to remove and soak the plants and allow them to dry fully before returning to display, instead of misting and risking the plants becoming too dry or over wet.

Supplies you will need:

The air plant terrariums are simple to make but allow for much creativity.

Layer corks at the base of your jar, add 2-3 air plants, and top the jar with craft wine or ribbon, if desired.

Tip: The night before you make the terrariums, soak the air plants and allow to fully dry.

Enjoy making these for your Breathe journey or Junior Gardening badge!

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