Roaring 20s Meeting Night and Service Project

Flapper headbands for the local hospital

The Roaring 20s are back again! We decided to start out scout year off with a 1920s themed meeting.

A Little 1920s Culture

Our girls did a dance off after learning the Charleston.
We watched the original Mickey Mouse cartoon,  Steamboat Willie.

We also guessed 1920s slang and did a word search of 1920s historical terms and names.

Flapper Headbands

Our Girl Scout troop made baby flapper headbands for the babies at our local hospital.

It’s a simple project, requiring the following items:

You’ll want to trim off the ends of the feathers as they can poke tiny heads. Shake feathers so any loose pieces come off.

Hot glue rhinestones and feathers to headband.

We are also making our own headbands using larger feathers and glittery elastic.

Badge Tie Ins

Badge tie ins for a 1920s night include:

  • Playing The Past badge for Juniors
  • New Cuisines badge for Cadettes
  • Beyond the Ballot for Seniors

There is also an unofficial 1920s “badge” through Ella J embroidery. I love her 1920s party plan.

Learning About Suffrage

We discussed the 100th anniversary of a women’s right to vote.  Sadly some of our girls didn’t understand the importance.  “My mom doesn’t have time to vote,” she said.

I found this great video from Schoolhouse Rock on suffrage. (Recognizing this dates me!)
Several Girl Scout councils do offer patch programs about the women’s right to vote. These include:

Please contact council about patch availability if you are not part of the council.
What other activities have you found about the 1920s! Share them below!
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