5 Things You Need to Do This Summer as a Girl Scout Leader

Breathe that collective sigh. It’s summer.

Maybe you’re taking a break from the regular meetings. Maybe you’re headed to Girl Scout camp as a volunteer.

Regardless here are 5 things you need to do as a Girl Scout leader this summer:

  1. Finish your troop’s annual report. Sure, the troop annual report is about as fun as doing taxes, but knowing where this year’s money went is not just a benefit to your Girl Scout council. It will help you see where your team is spending troop funds and will help you assess whether you need to adjust fundraising goals or troop dues for the coming year. (And it was a great benefit for my Cadettes when it came time to do their Budgeting badge.)
  2. Do Early Bird registration for the next school year. Yes, I know, it may seem like a hassle to get parents to commit for the next school year, but it will help you plan much easier.
  3. Clear the clutter. Get the extras out! Unless you have a multi-level troop or specific plans for your leftovers, give them to a new home. Return extra badges to your local Girl Scout council store. Resell extra patches to recoup troop funds. Extra craft supplies can be regifted to other troops or a local craft supply donation shop for teachers.
  4. Brainstorm with other leaders you know. After you have a chance to step back, look at ways you can work together for the coming year, particularly if you have a small troop. Maybe it’s a joint campout, an opportunity to do bridging requirements early (instead of being rushed in April) or a field trip together to help you meet minimum numbers. (You can also brainstorm on Pinterest; follow me at useresourcesw for ideas for next year!)
  5. Spend time with YOUR Girl Scout. After all, she’s the reason you got started with this leader thing. Enjoy some one-on-one time with your girl.

Girl Scout Leaders: You need to do these 5 things this summerWhat other must-do’s do you have for leaders in the summer? Share your ideas below!


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