Leader Decluttering 101: What to Do with Old Girl Scout Troop Supplies

The untold role of a Girl Scout leader: clutter keeper.

The nature of our job is to see possibility.  Leftover yarn? Extra beads?  A block of clay? (Fill in the blank) that someone was going to just toss?  There is a project just waiting on Pinterest.

Receipts? Got to get them entered.

Extra patches?  We’re getting to the Girl Scout store to return them. Someday.

Camping gear?  Taking up room in out garage.

And don’t even get me started on swaps.

Anyway. Cookie season and our Bronze Award passed for my Girl Scout troop, and my living room looked like a war zone.

How to declutter your Girl Scout troop supplies. Easy ways to use resources wisely and bless othersinthe process

How do you reclaim your space?

If I tried the Konmari method and just asked if it brought me joy,  I’d have long tossed bank statements, deposit slips and permission forms. But we know as leaders, life isn’t that simple.

So let’s start with Scout Leader Decluttering 101.

Today’s lesson: Let it go.

The month of May is a perfect time to let your scout things go.

If you’re a bridging troop,  gift your old scout books to a younger bridging troop on your service unit.

If you have leftover craft supplies,  have a craft night at an upcoming meeting. We spent a recent evening doing upcycled locker magnets and designing t-shirts. Another night,  I had fellow leaders and scouts who were going to a junior campout through council over,  and the girls designed bacon swaps out of clay leftover from our Egyptian amulets. It relieved me of nearly a tote filled with supplies I’d scored earlier.

If your girls have outgrown particular items,  have a share table at your next service unit meeting.

Why hang on to items unnecessarily? 

What tips do you have at keeping your scout supplies at bay? Share them below!

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