gallery Easy Upcycle Craft: CD Locker Magnets

Let’s be honest. You have dozens, if not hundreds, of CDs laying around that you’ve been meaning to clean out. (Your Windows 98 backup disc, anyone?)

Here’s a simple upcycle craft that your troop can do. Regardless of age or ability, it’s a fun craft for girls of any age. Our Juniors did this craft recently when we hosted a Brownie troop, and everyone enjoyed it.Recycled CD Locker Art Magnets | recycled craft | upcycled project | kids art

Recycled CD Locker Magnets


Easy-peasy directions:

  • Cut the magnetic tape into small strips. Stick on the printed side of the CD. One at the top and one at the bottom is best.
  • Draw your design on the silver side of the CD. You can draw mandalas or any other design of your choosing.
  • Hang on locker, fridge or other metal item.

Project adapted from Re-Craft: Unique Projects That Look Great (and Save the Planet).

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  1. Great idea! I came across a small hoard of old CDs and DVDs while going through some old junk the other day. Thanks for sharing with us at Creatively Crafty. Hope to see you again soon 🙂


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