Cool Crafts with Old CDs {Review & Project}

Looking for a great recycle idea for all those old CDs? Let your preteen create wall hangings,  secret diaries and more out of unused compact discs.

We checked out Carol Sirinne’s book Cool Crafts with Old CDs: Green Projects for Resourceful Kids. Sirrine is the author of several books for kids using recycled items.

I was shocked to learn that a CD may take up to one million years to break down in a landfill,  and even more shocking when I consider how many scratched and no longer needed data CDs I have casually tossed out over the years.

Sirrine shows how to convert trash into preteen treasure. Our girls loved her simple project to make CD locker magnets, happily upcycled CDs into coasters at a sleepover, and my daughter is excited to use up the leftover CDs with more project ideas!


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