New Cuisines Badge: Chocolate Style

Chocolate. Food. What preteen doesn’t love those?

Bring them together and you have the makings of an incredible meeting.

Earlier this year, our Cadette Girl Scouts had one of their favorite meetings ever: An “I Love Chocolate” themed meeting. We had scored some retired council’s own badges for this, but it was so much fun we could have easily turned this into food for thought for our New Cuisines badge.

Pro tip: Hit up the post-holiday sales for your chocolate! 🙂

Thanks to Sandra Boyton, we're learning about chocolate with our Girl Scouts for the Cadette New Cuisines badge.Our girls enjoyed bringing in recipes and dishes they had made from chocolate, making hot cocoa mix to take home,  creating their own chocolate cookbook and more.

As if the food wasn’t enough, we held a chocolate tasting party, learning about the complexity chocolate actually can have. But our favorite moments were the girls trying to improve their multicultural skills by learning to say say “Where can I find the nearest chocolate?” in multiple languages (thanks to Sandra Boyton’s book on chocolate, one of the most awesome books I have ever found).

New Cuisines Badge: Chocolate Style! Recipes and chocolate tasting for Cadette Girl Scouts

I’ve compiled many of the great resources (sadly, not including Boyton’s book) and recipes, including a family recipe of my own, into a ready-to-use packet for Cadette Girl Scout leaders to dive into your own chocolate-inspired twist on the New Cuisines badge.

Order your packet with template for chocolate tasting, recipes for each of the requirements, chocolate terms and more.   By buying Boyton’s book (even a used copy) or a copy of the 8-page booklet, you help support our scouting adventures and this blog. Enjoy!




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