Helping One Life at a Time: Inspiration for My Girl Scouts

Making a difference one person at a time has always been my emphasis as a Girl Scout leader. Our girls have collected shoes for tornado victims, created costumes for NICU babies, made bedtime bags for the homeless, helped cut shoes for children in Uganda and prayed for and with others. As they look forward to their Silver Award this year, I found another source of inspiration.

Earlier this fall we had a 3-D printing class for our troop. The girls were intrigued by the technology and talked some about the possibilities. Yet their minds were stuck in artistic applications.

This fall, I met an amazing man at a conference for work. He took a story that touched his heart: an artist with ALS who could no longer create art. He found a way with some cheap sunglasses and technology.

Inspiration to help others: Finding a personal story to connect with can inspire others and you when making change.

Later he learned of a young boy in war-torn Sudan who lost both arms. Using 3-D printing and a lot of determination, he changed Daniel’s  life.

You can watch the story here:

Check out this TEDYouth talk Mick Ebeling gave on the power of finding the one person to focus on, who can then help many people. I hope you find this inspiring for your girls as well!


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