Simple Meals Badge – Chocolate Style

Earlier this month I shared resources from our Cadettes’ “I Love Chocolate” adventure. And I realized, why do Junior Girl Scouts have to be left out?

Earn the Simple Meals cooking badge with your Junior Girl Scouts - with a chocolate twist

I’ve compiled resources and recipes, including a picky-kid tested recipe of my own, into a ready-to-use packet for Junior Girl Scout leaders to dive into your own chocolate-inspired twist on the Simple Meals badge. And because you have to have dessert, there’s a bonus activity on how to hold a chocolate tasting party.

Order your packet with template for chocolate tasting, recipes for each of the requirements, chocolate terms and more.   By buying a copy of the 9-page booklet, you help support our scouting adventures and this blog. Enjoy!

Get the packet.

And check out these videos on how chocolate is made. 


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