Campfire Cinnamon Rolls: It Works!

Have you seen the pin on Pinterest where people make cinnamon rolls inside of orange peels over a campfire? Have you ever whether this unusual recipe and cooking method even works?

Our Cadette Girl Scouts tried making cinnamon rolls over a morning campfire using the method. Here is what we found:

Making cinnamon rolls inside orange peels isn’t difficult but it will take time. For our group of 7, we used 2 packages of refrigerator cinnamon rolls…but also had to cut open and remove the insides of 16 oranges. That is a lot of oranges to enjoy.

This campfire cooking method also requires a lot of foil…not exactly a leave no trace method.

Does making a cinnamon roll inside of an orange peel over a campfire really work?

You’ll also need to watch orange sizes for consistency and placement among the coals. We were glad to have extras because a few were black!


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