Wizarding World of Creatures Patch: Just in Time for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Harry Potter lovers who are ready for the next chapter are excited about Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Bring a little excitement into your troop meeting by bringing these wizarding creatures to life.

Patchwork Designs has a series of Wizarding World themed scout patches. Among them, the Wizarding World of Creatures patch. It would be a creative tie-in to the Fantastic Beasts movie launch in November.

Celebrating Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them with a fun patch program for scouts

The fun patch only requires completing one of seven activities to complete. Here are some ways to bring them to life:

Wizarding World of Creatures fun patch ideas

1. Creature Features:  Spectacular creatures have been created that can assist in flying, protecting and healing.

Choose one to learn more about and what it looks like.

But don’t hesitate to look beyond Harry Potter books and movies for your inspiration. There are plenty of books and folk stories to inspire you, including:

2. Inspire: Create your own creature on paper. You can use features, special powers or coloring from other creatures. What is the name of your creature?

3. Design: Sketch out a habitat for a creature or design a castle and chambers where the animal would sleep or live.

4. Crafty: Create a craft, a creature booklet, or color a picture that resembles a creature from a magical land.

Examples include:

5. Charm: Choose an animal that you think represents your character or personality. Think of reasons for choosing the charm when you think of that creature does it make you feel brave or smart, etc. Create a good luck charm that represents your animal. You can also write down its character and features for your reference.

For example:

  • You like to swim–choose a mermaid.
  • Unicorn represents strength and uniqueness.
  • The Sphinx is a magical creature that has the head of human, and the body of lion. {intelligence and bravery.}

6. Food: Create or enjoy food representing creatures or wizards.

Examples include:

7. Games: Play a game that has a creature or wizard theme. Examples: “Who Am I” act out the creature or wizard item or pass the stuffed creature [hot potato].

You can order the Wizarding World of Creatures fun patch at Patchwork Designs.




  1. Thanks, I hadn’t even heard of the movie coming out. Guess I’m a little out of the Harry Potter loop these days. 🙂


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