Easy Robotics Project: Soda Can Robot

Robotics are all the rage, but if you aren’t quite ready for a Lego Robotics League, a simple project may be the way to go.

Soda can robots | easy early robotics project for kids

While I’ll admit to bring partial to the Ozobot my scouts got to use at summer camp,  they are not cost effective for a troop.
DIY robots made from a kids' science kit and soda cans
My Junior tried out this tin can robot kit recently for a science project for school.  The kit was simple enough and only required a screw driver,  AA battery and tin can or soda can. It was an easy introduction to circuits and basic robots, and it gave her a sense of completion as well.

easy robot kit for scoutsYou can see how the robot moves here:

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    • Have fun with it! Mine built two of them fit a science fair project, then tried to build a battery to test how it powered. The class loved the robots and kept asking if they could see them race!


  1. So cute! I’ve been eyeing that kit; my youngest keeps telling me he wants to create and build robots when he’s older but doesn’t know where to start. This would be just the thing for him (and me who’s at a loss as to how to help him!).


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