St. Agnes Necklace for Girl Scouts

St Agnes medal necklace | patron saint of Girl Scouts

The end of Junior Girl Scouts often means a crossroads.  Too often it means a girl “graduates” from scouting life as she enters middle school.

I know my troop will be no different.  And looking into April and May, I also know that spring sports will take a priority.  So a formal bridging to Cadettes may not happen until fall for us.

But I wanted to recognize my girls – no matter where they may go – for their years of scouting and in particular getting through the challenge of their Bronze Award this year.  So to thank them for their contributions,  regardless of whether they earned enough hours toward the project,  I turned to a homegrown solution.

To celebrate finishing the Bronze Award project,  we’re going to a favorite ice cream parlor.  And I have a gift for each of them: a handmade St. Agnes necklace.

Why St. Agnes?  In the Catholic church, St. Agnes is the patron saint of young girls,  as well as Girl Scouts.  And I always believe you can use a little help from above.

While a Bronze Award pin feels great in a ceremony,  it will likely end up in a drawer,  a closet, a corner, or worse.  So I’m glad for the inspiration for this necklace that they can wear again and be reminded of their rich faith,  their hard work and their scouting years.

Have you done unconventional ways to recognize your girls when they are at a crossroads?  Share your ideas!

Supplies to create this project:

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  1. I love this! I left brownies right after I crossed the bridge….wish I could have stuck around…..I’ll be checking out the rest of your site for when my kids are older….thanks for sharing these ideas!


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