gallery Indiana Bicentennial Hiking Challenge: Indiana Preserves

Indiana Bicentennial Hikers Challenge | hike 200 miles on Indiana trails for the state's 200th anniversaryEven before I had heard of the Indiana Bicentennial Hikers Challenge, I knew this was the year to explore our state.

We promised our kids that we would have “adventures” instead of a “vacation” since their father had lost his job. Day hikes to explore our state parks seemed like the perfect compromise.

And then I received a gift card for Barnes and Noble for Christmas. My eyes greedily scanned the aisle of Indiana outdoor books. And then I found this beauty.

indiana bicentennial hiker challenge

The Nature Conservancy’s Guide to Indiana Preservesindiana bicentennial hikers challenge: Nature Conservancy's Guide to Indiana Preserves is an amazing resource filled with treasures I can’t wait to explore within our state. The artfully photographed book showcases the beauty tucked in the paths less traveled in our state. I can’t wait for our spring break adventures to check some of them out!

Note: This post contains affiliate links, which help support our scouting adventures and this blog.


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