World Thinking Day: Connecting with Scouts Overseas Online

Bored with boards about another country? Next year, challenge your Girl Scouts to really connect – with scouts and guides around the world.

This year, some Junior Girl Scouts in our county got together for an unconventional way to celebrate World Thinking Day – by logging on to Connect with other Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts from around the world.

How our Girl Scout troop celebrated World Thinking Day - by connecting with scouts and guides around the world online.

A fellow leader had introduced us to Scoutlink, which is available on the web or through an Android app. It is a moderated site that allows scouts to chat. (And while it is always a good idea to review Internet safety – often – with this age group, please know that ScoutLink also has their rules as well.)

For 90 minutes, the girls giggled as they chatted with scouts from Australia, Europe and Asia (and themselves). It was awesome for these girls to see the similarities and differences with kids around the world.

If you’re considering discussions on Internet safety or any of the computer badges, this is a great option for the girls to try out!


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