15 Meeting Ideas for When You’re Fried

I get it. It’s Girl Scout cookie season. And flu season. And tax season. And somewhere in there you have parenting, day jobs and other worries.

Truth is…You aren’t the first leader nor the last leader to just feel bleh this time of year.

It’s ok to not hold a meeting. It’s ok to have a non cookie outing too. But if you’re in a tough spot and need to fill a time slot, we’ve got your back.

Here Are 15 Meeting Ideas for When You’re Fried

  1. Clean out the closet craft day.
  2. Pizza party. Sometimes kids just need the chance to sit back and relax.
  3. Board game night.
  4. S’mores or sundae night.
  5. Chat with other scouts worldwide on Scoutlink.
  6. Carve ivory soap.
  7. Make a dream board.
  8. Plan a trip – whether it’s a daytime outing, a campout or a multi-day adventure.
  9. Cookie or cupcake decorating.
  10. Go to a local thrift store. Have the girls find an outfit that’s in their size for $10. Vote on a winning outfit. Buy it and donate it.
  11. Traditional camp games – human knot, active games etc.
  12. Girl Scout song night.
  13. Use a printable.
  14. Skit night.
  15. Paracord sleeping bag tags or bracelets.

What are your favorite go-to activities when you or your troop are in a slump?


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