5 things to do before you go to summer camp

camp5You’ve done it.  You’ve agreed to help out at summer day camp. Spend a week with your daughter. And now the fun begins.

There’s more to prepping for camp than packing your backpack. Here are 5 things to do before you get on the bus:

1. Train. I don’t care if you were a summer camp  counselor in college,  cp with your troop or were a CIT. Time can get the best of all of us. Show up to camp training and any other outdoor training. You will walk in far more confident in leading 20 to 30 girls.

2. Meet your co-leaders. Typically that may be at training, but you may want to trade texts or email addresses with ideas.

3. Plan for weather.  We’ve had years in the 60s and the 90s, and one where we were flooding.  All of which impact what the girls can and will be able to do.

4. Make friends.  Because of the relationships I’ve made,  I know I can email our council science center rep and have info ready for butterfly gardens or bugs at the ready. And they appreciate resources getting used.

5. Tap into strengths.  God did not give me the singing gene; I give the role of sickest to our aides or co’s. Likewise,  my co’s know I will l likely come to planning meeting with 16 different ideas on Pinterest.

What other things would you want a new camp leader to know?



  1. I’d like to stress GO TO THE TRAINING! So many of our helpers don’t, and then don’t know what to do at camp! When you get to camp, don’t be afraid to ask questions, be willing to do whatever is needed (within your abilities, of course). I know camp is tiring, it’s hot, the girls are loud…but please, try to have fun!! The girls will pick it up from you either way, I guarantee. Take some advil before camp and have a beverage chilling for after. Camp is as much fun for the adults as the girls, if you let it! 🙂

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  2. Listen and do what the camp Director tells you to do. She’s been running this camp longer than your children have been alive. What you think is a crazy rule probably is the result of another adult thinking her way was better. Also – have fun! Your mood and attitude are infectious with the campers and unit aides.

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    • Absolutely! We’re wrapping up a week and the temps are getting miserable. Rather than whine we’ve just been having water balloon gifts, enjoying surprise Popsicles after camp cleanup, etc.


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