Going for Bronze: Brainstorming Ideas for Girl Scout Service Projects

Bronze Award ideas for your Junior Girl Scouts

The toughest part of being a Girl Scout Junior leader is letting go. The girls are growing and most definitely have ideas of their own.

It may be somewhat easy for us adults to brainstorm projects for the Bronze Award, but the reality is it should be a girl-driven and led project. If they buy into the idea, they most definitely will see it through.

But sometimes, you open up the floor for discussion, and you get crickets.

Help and ideas for Girl Scout Bronze Award for Junior Girl Scouts

Starting a brainstorming discussion may be as simple as asking the questions: “Who (or what) do you want to help?” “What do you like to do?” Pairing the two might make a project come to being.

You might have animal lovers who want to help the local Humane Society or animal shelter.

  • One Junior might be crafty and want to create toys for the homeless animals.
  • One sporty Junior might want to do a fun walk.
  • One Junior leader-to-be might want to teach younger Scouts their Daisy animals journey or Brownie pets badge.
  • Another Junior might want to run a supplies drive.

Taking your girls’ strengths and interests into account is a positive first step toward bringing on the Bronze Award.

Need some ideas to start the discussion? Check out the infographic below for ideas for book or animal lovers, or visit the GSUSA Map It! tool for unique scout service projects around the world.

Girl Scout Bronze Award Ideas


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