Christmas Minute to Win It Games That Don’t Require a Lot of Stuff


Easy Christmas Minute to Win It Games that don't require a lot of extra supplies to happen

Minute to Win It games are a great time filler and a fun addition to your Christmas party. The problem is so many of them require a large shopping list to pull off!

When you’re a scout leader, you’re mindful of extra costs, the time to go buy supplies and the logistics of moving those items to a meeting location. I was in the same boat as we prepared for our troop’s first Christmas party this week.

Here is my list of easy Minute to Win It Christmas games that don’t require a lot of stuff.

Let It Snow

Supplies Needed: Plastic spoons, cups, cotton balls and bowls
Each player gets a plastic spoon and a cup full of cotton balls. On the other side of the room, place an empty bowl for each player. Players race to get 10 cotton balls from the cup to the bowl on the other side of the room, using just the plastic spoon in the player’s mouth.

Another twist on this is:

Snowball Scoop

Supplies Needed:  two large bowls, cotton balls, bandana and a large salad spoon.

Put all the cotton balls into one bowl.  Blindfold the player, put the spoon in their hand and see how many cotton balls they can move from the full bowl to the empty bowl with ONLY the spoon (no extra hands allowed!) in one minute.

Rudolph Race

Supplies Needed: Red pom poms, spoons, Vaseline, Rudolph picture

Use a spoonful of Vaseline (reuse the spoons from the race above!) to get the red pom pom to stick to your nose. Be the first to transfer your pom pom to Rudolph’s face without using your hands.

Cookie Eat-Off

Supplies Needed:  Cookies. Plan on having enough for multiple rounds. 🙂

All players place a cookie on their forehead and without touching it, have to get it into their mouth using only facial movements.

Christmas Charades

Use this printable for a quick game of Christmas charades!

North Pole Pop

Supplies Needed: Balloons (lots), winter gloves

Prep: Blowing up balloons.

The goal is to pop 10 balloons using only your hands in winter gloves, before the time runs out!

Candy Cane Catch

Supplies Needed: 2 dozen candy canes, extra candy canes for each person to put in their mouth

Put one candy cane in your mouth as a “hook.” Without using your hands, scoop up as many candy canes as you can before the time runs out.

Mommy Kissing Santa

Supplies Needed: Lots of Hershey Kisses, round stickers

Prep: Label half the Kisses with stickers on the bottom that say “mommy” and “Santa.”

Set the Kisses upright on a table. Each person picks a Kiss. The goal is to get a Mommy and Santa first.

If you get Kiss without a sticker, you need to eat it an pick another Kiss.


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What other holiday Minute to Win It games have you enjoyed with your troop? Share your ideas below!


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