World Thinking Day Ideas: Peru

Lima was a big city – gritty, but full of life and light. There we first understood the country of contrasts we had stepped into – where the city, the ocean, and the desert converge.

– Joanna, a Girl Scout who traveled to Peru with her Girl Scout troop.

Read more about her troop’s adventures in Peru.

Today’s World Thinking Day toolkit features Girl Scouting and life in Peru.I’m grateful for my friends at for sharing resources and ideas!

World thinking day ideas for girl scouts

Girl Scouts in Peru:

Back in Lima, we had two opportunities to interact with other Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. …At the end of the evening we got to talk, really sing, with one of the Peruvian troops. They sang to us, and then we sang to them, and it was one of my favorite parts of the night. At the campfire we got a chance to practice our Spanish, sing and dance some more. We discovered we had more things in common than I expected: a love for Lady Gaga, Facebook, and singing silly Girl Scout songs… We weren’t just tourists, we were Girl Scouts and I now know I have sisters all around the world, not just at home.


Read more about their Girl Scout troop’s adventures in Peru.

Girl Scouting celebrates its 100th anniversary in Peru this year (2016). Scouting is co-ed in Peru, and there are more than 2700 Girl Guides in the country, according to WAGGGS.

Asociación Nacional de Guías Scouts del Perú

The Peru Guide promise is:

I promise on my honour, to do everything possible: To fulfil my duties to God and my country, To help other people at all times, and To obey the Guide Law.

The Peru Guide Law is:

  1. A Guide is responsible and is to be trusted
  2. A Guide is loyal
  3. A Guide is useful
  4. A Guide is a friend to all and a sister to all other Guides
  5. A Guide is courteous
  6. A Guide protects animals and plants and sees in nature the work of God
  7. A Guide is obedient
  8. A Guide is courageous and faces difficulties with optimism
  9. A Guide makes good use of her time and is thrifty; she takes care of her belongings and respects those of others
  10. A Guide is pure in thought, word and deed

Learn about Life in Peru:

Activities to learn about life in Peru:

Read about Peru:

Peru books for Girl scout worldthinking day

Spotlight on Peru (Spotlight on My Country)Peruvian children's books for world thinking day

children's books on Peru for world thinking day

If You Were Me and Lived in…Peru: A Child’s Introduction to Cultures Around the Worldchildren's books on life in Peru

girl scout worldthinking day,  books on Peru

Peru children's books

Children of the World – Tomasino: A Child of PeruPeruvian children's books

Eat Peruvian Food:

Swap and Craft:

What other Thinking Day ideas do you have for Peru? Share your ideas and pins below!

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