Smoreos: A Beautiful Campfire Dessert

Need a twist on the traditional smore?

At our last family campout, I realized at the checkout lane that while I’d picked up the marshmallows, I’d forgotten the chocolate bars and graham crackers. Major faux pas. Not willing to get out of line on a Friday night of a holiday weekend, I quickly grabbed the first thing I could find: Chocolate striped cookies. We used them instead for our “smores” and they were an instant hit.

Fast-forward to our troop campout this past weekend. Not quite ready to shell out chocolate for a group of 20 preteens and stressed-out moms (because, you know, no one is really judicious about their use of chocolate bars!) We tried a different twist: Smoreos.

Smoreos: Easy campfire dessert recipe for scouts

If you can roast a marshmallow and twist open your Oreo, you can make a Smoreo. All you have to do is add your beautifully roasted marshmallow (or burnt one, I don’t judge) into your Oreo and enjoy.

(And yes, the girls were all over the Halloween Smoreos.)

Smoreos were a huge hit, but be warned: Bring an extra package of Oreos for snacking.

Do you have a favorite campfire recipe? Share your favorites below! 


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