Games Around the World: George and the Dragon Game from England


Games from Around the World | Girl Scouts and Girl Guides | Use Resources WiselyThe Golden Legend of St. George and the Dragon dates back to the 1400s. According to the story, some townspeople feared a dragon so much they fed it two sheep (and later, when the sheep ran low, people) each day to appease the dragon. One day, George was passing through the town, learned of the dragon and slayed it, becoming a hero.

This game is played by Girl Guides in England, and is easy enough for a camp game or for World Thinking Day.

George and the Dragon  Game from England

Choose one person to be George and one to be the Dragon. All the other players stand with linked arms in groups of three. George has to chase and capture the Dragon but the dragon can hide by linking arms with ones of the groups. This makes the player at the other end of the chain the dragon. If George does capture the dragon the roles are reversed and the game continues.


Did you know? While St. George didn’t really slay dragons, you can learn about his life and faith through a patch program for Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts of all ages.

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