God Bless My Underwear (Camp Song)


Cub Scouts exude a lot of confidence.  Until it comes to the idea of a campfire program.
I attended my first Cub Scout campout with my son this weekend.  The boys lived stomping through the mud,  discovering a “castle,” creating their own games and starting a campfire.
But what terrified them was not what goes bump in the night.  It was the idea of a skit or song in front of the campfire.
The new Wolf and Tiger rank requirements have the boys present a song or skit for families or their pack at a campfire.  Two of the boys were uncertain,  one was having none of it to the point of wanting to hide in his bunk.
And then, a moment of inspiration.
God Bless My Underwear.

God Bless My Underwear is sung to the tune God Bless America.  And the boys were laughing so hard about it they were glad to share at the campfire that night,  even the timid one.

God bless my underwear
My only pair
Stand beside them and guide them
Through the rips and the holes and the tears
From the washer to the dryer to the clothesline in the air
God bless my underwear
My only pair


A silly campfire song: God Bless My Underwear. It will get the giggles and help your scouts get over any nervousness.


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