National Crepe Day

National Crepe Day is today (Feb. 2). It’s a great excuse to step outside the culinary box for breakfast,  lunch,  dinner,  or even a troop meeting.

national crepe day: easy crepe recipes that kids can make

So how do you make a crepe?

Making crepes is easier than you think. And you don’t need a fancy crepe maker to make it happen.

How easy is it to make a crepe? Let’s just say I am a colossal failure when it comes to making pancakes,  but I pretty much nailed making crepes in my first attempt.

I love this crepe recipe. It’s easy and you can make crepes on a basic skillet or frying pan.  It’s easy enough that with a little guidance your Girl Scouts or children can make them.

This morning,  we dressed up our crepes with frozen peaches that were roasted in the oven. Tonight,  instead of sweet crepes,  we’re trying savory crepes, making a Russian chicken and mushroom crepe. (What? You thought all crepes came from France?)

And of course,  you can make homemade crepes for dessert,  too. But this Nutella crepe might just have to wait for leaders’ meeting.

Have you made crepes at home or with your Girl Scouts?  Share your favorite recipes below!

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