Girl Scout Gold Award Ideas – Mental Health

Is your high school Girl Scout interested in mental health awareness? Check out these past Gold Award projects for inspiration.

Suicide Prevention. A Girl Scout Ambassador created a local program to help teens and others who may be considering suicide.

Blankets of Comfort. A Girl Scout project focused on providing a sense of comfort for children in foster care. The project included a local blanket drive for children, and the blankets will be provided to children as they enter foster care and can be taken with them when they leave.

Addiction and Recovery. A Girl Scout organized a community forum on addiction and recovery issues.

Hazing, Binge Drinking and Other College Issues. A Girl Scout Ambassador learned that four out of five college students drink and that half of those are binge drinking. She created a “House of Horrors” to open a discussion on alcohol abuse, sexual assault, hazing and other issues at college.

Disclaimer: Often when I share highest award projects on social media, I get asked, “How is that a ___ project?” While there are formal written guidelines for the Girl Scout Gold Award, each Girl Scout council may have additional steps or interpretations of those guidelines.

Girl Scout Gold Award project ideas and inspiration: Mental Health, Suicide and Addiction education and causes

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