Hiking Tips for Young Scout Troops

Just because you have a young Girl Scout troop does not mean you shouldn’t get them outdoors. When they’re young they definitely like exploring and aren’t afraid of of getting dirty.

If you’re headed out for one of your first few hikes with your Girl Scout troop or Cub Scout pack, here are some things to consider.

  • Teach your troop or pack the basics of hiking safety. As in stay on the trail, leave no trace, always be with a buddy, and stop if you’re lost.
  • Get them used to carrying their own gear from the start. Every girl should have their own backpack, water bottle sunscreen, bug spray and bandana. They need to be used to carrying their own items, including snack and sack lunch, from the start.
  • Enlist your parents. Invite them to join them in on the hiking fun at a state or local park.
  • Don’t be afraid to take it slow. Let the girls explore creation on their trail.

Hiking tips for young scout troops and packs

  • Make sure the girls learn early at about appropriate dressing and preparing for the weather. That includes head coverings, proper shoes, and dressing appropriately for sun and tick protection.
  • Hiking doesn’t have to be a huge event. Check out trails at your local park, Girl Scout camp, or State Park. One hint: When looking at trail maps, aim for trails marked easy or moderate (for older girls). Intensity of the trail seems to matter more than the actual distance.
  • Make it fun! Sing songs, have a scavenger hunt, enjoy your time.

Hiking tips for new Girl Scout troops


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