World Thinking Day: Myanmar Union Day Celebration

A few of our Girl Scouts attended the 70th Myanmar Union Day celebration at a local university. Our Cadettes had a chance to sample food, see traditional dances from some of the 135 ethnic groups in Myanmar and hear from a man who has lived in exile from his home country for 27 years.

Our girls are learning about their Burmese neighbors. Our city is one of many that have welcomed refugees from the war-stricken country this past decade. So far, we’ve attempted (with some success, and some less so) to recreate Burmese dishes for our New Cuisines badge, we’ve attended Myanmar Union Day celebration, and we’ll be hearing from a colleague of my co-leader who will share her story of life in Myanmar.

Yes, you can learn about a culture and history through books. But hearing and seeing it through those who have lived it brings a richness you cannot explain.

Dance from Myanmar. Union day celebration

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Closeup of the hat

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