Amaze Journey: BFFs, Friends and Facebook

My Cadettes went on a campout this weekend to work on their Amaze journey. Being sixth graders I was happy that some innocence is still there!

We worked on some advice in a very non threatening way. We had found quizzes where the girls voted with a hands in/hands out kind of thing (their idea).

They also worked through advice on some situations. As many of them love the Harry Potter puppet pal videos, they used that as an inspiration for a talk show environment that they insisted we capture on camera.



  1. Question: How did it go earning this in an overnight? Did you get it all done? I’m SOOOO frustrated as it feels we’ve spent all of our meetings this past year doing Journey work, (which ends up being a lot like classroom lecturing, no matter how much I try to make it girl-led), with it only 1/3 completed.


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