Indiana Hikes: Fort Harrison State Park in Indianapolis

A gorgeous state park in the middle of Indianapolis? Count me in!

Fort Harrison State Park in Indianapolis is an awesome place for year-round adventure. Whether it’s sledding down the hills in the winter or rolling down them in the spring, enjoying fall hikes and trail rides or summer canoeing trips, Fort Harrison has plenty to offer.

Fort Harrison (or “Fort Ben,” as the locals know it) is just off Interstate 465 and 56th street on the Indianapolis east side. (In fact, it’s in shouting distance of Cub Scout Camp Belzer!)

The park is busiest toward the entrance. You’ll find playgrounds, hilly trails around a lake, paved trails for walkers and cyclists, and people. Lots of people.

But I prefer the paths less traveled. If you head toward the back of the park, you’ll find winding, wooded trails that dart across creeks. They’re quiet, and ripe with distractions for explorers.Indiana hikes - Fort Harrison State Park (Fort Ben) in Indianapolis

Check out the trail descriptions here.

Indiana Bicentennial Hikers Challenge | hike 200 miles on Indiana trails for the state's 200th anniversaryBicentennial Hiking Challenge update:
Goal: 200 miles
194 miles to go.


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