8 Great Weather Activities for Scouts

Watching weather doesn’t have to be left to storm spotting by parents.


Teach a little science and help your scout feel more weather-wise with these great activities:

1. Make a tornado in a jar..

2. Rainy spring? Build a rain gauge.

3. Build a weather vane.

4. Recycle a rotisserie container to show off the water cycle.

5. Make homemade sun dials.

6. Learn how to use weather radios and do emergency preparedness activities.

7. Older scouts (older Cadettes,  Seniors or Ambassadors) may enjoy attending a free storm spotting class from the National Weather Service.  Contact the NWS in your city to see if staff offer these springtime seasons.

8. Talk to a weatherman!  Whether it’s visiting your local TV station for a tour or inviting an independent weather professional to your troop meeting or for a Twitter chat,  it’s a great way to get a better appreciation for the science of weather.

And…just for fun (and you gotta eat!) Make some snow ice cream!

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