14 Things to Do with Your Girl Scout Cookie Profits

If you’re one of those lucky Girl Scout troop leaders who are fortunate to not have to dip into personal savings or ask for dues to fund scouting experiences,  you may actually be asking yourself and your troop: What do you want to do with our profits from cookie sales?Girl Scout cookie sale lessons: what Girl Scout troops can do with their cookie sale profits

In our troop, we’ve historically just paid the next year’s dues and most activities out of our funds. (Service unit campouts and other outings are typically extra.) But if you’re looking for motivation, here are 14 ways to use your troop’s cookie profits:

  1. Get the girls outdoors in a unique way. Go on a trail ride at a state park, or take them on a caving trip.
  2. Take a special weekend camping trip.
  3. Spend-save-share. Set aside part of your cookie proceeds for a service project or Bronze, Silver or Gold projects.
  4. Check out Groupon for an adventure.
  5. Go to the theatre. Check out Broadway Across America or a college production.
  6. Painting with a twist.
  7. Overnight at a museum, baseball park, hockey game or zoo.
  8. Find an awesome service project for the girls to do.
  9. Save for a trip to Savannah.
  10. Indoor pool party.
  11. Tour an NFL or baseball stadium.
  12. Visit fan zones for NCAA tournaments if they are near your area.
  13. Crack open your council activities guide and find an adventure.
  14. Take a road trip. (How far is up to you!)

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