37 Science Adventures for a Troop Meeting

37 science adventures to share with your kids

Stuck inside? Need a little wintertime inspiration?

Here are 37 Science Adventures for Your Troop to Take:

(I’ve even included a supply list to get you started!)37 science projects to try with your girl scout troop #stem

  1. Robot Body Language: Communicate an emotion, like a robot, without using your face or voice.
    Supplies: Paper bag, paper, pencil
  2. Make Lava Lamps
    Supplies: Clean plastic bottle, vegetable oil, food coloring, Alka-Seltzer
  3. Make a paste with taste
    Supplies: Unflavored TUMS, baking soda, small plastic cups, eye droppers, plastic spoons, assorted food coloring and flavorings
  4. Heart to Heart: Build your own stethoscope.
    Supplies: vinyl tubing, empty plastic water bottle, scissors, duct tape, stopwatch (or stopwatch app), paper, pencil, rubbing alcohol, cotton balls
  5. Hatch Dinosaur Eggs
    Supplies: Baking soda, Water, food coloring, Syringes, White vinegar, Casserole dish or some other container, Dish soap, Dinosaur toys, Parchment paper, Rubber gloves, Safety glasses
  6. Build Your Own Flashlight. Even better, it’s from recyclable materials.
    Supplies: Empty toilet paper roll, flashlight bulb, Paper or plastic cup – 3 oz., brads, D-cell batteries, paper clips, insulated wire, 4- to 5-inches long, scrap cardboard, electrical tape, masking tape, scissors, wire cutters/strippers
  7. Light Bulb Challenge: What light bulbs are most efficient?
    Supplies: incandescent bulb, 60 watts,compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulb, 15 watts, 1 desk lamp, shade included,cooking oil, 1 dropperpaper, ruler,2 books of equal thickness, stopwatch or clock, paper and pencil

  8. Make a Homemade Compass.
    Supplies: A cork, scissors, a cup, drinking glass, or bowl, water, neodymium disc magnet, A pair of pliers, Metal sewing needle 
  9. Make Bottle Rockets using empty soda bottles
    Supplies: Clean soda bottle, Baking Soda, Vinegar, a cork (or substitute something like a pool noodle piece), a launch pad 
  10. Make Magnetic Slime.
    Supplies: Liquid StarchElmer’s glueIron Oxide powder, Disposable bowls for mixing it up,  craft sticks for stirring, a neodymium disc magnet

  11. Make Lemonade Fizzy Drink.
    Supplies: Lemon, Drinking glass, Water, baking soda, sugar 
  12. Take DNA Out of a Strawberry.
    Supplies: measuring cup, measuring spoons, rubbing alcohol, salt, water, dishwashing detergent, glass or small bowl, cheesecloth, funnel, tall drinking  glass, strawberries, reclosable plastic sandwich bags, test tube or small glass jar, pipette
  13. Code Your Name in Jewelry.
    Supplies: Jewelry claspselastic jewelry cord, wooden beads 
  14. Play with Snap Circuits. (Check out this affiliate link; Amazon often has great deals.)
  15. Build a Brushbot.
    Supplies: Bristlebot kit, scrub brush, Double-sided foam tape, electrical tape, cork, small Phillips head screwdriver, scissors, hot glue gun, materials to decorate your robot (googly eyes, pipe cleaners, etc.)
  16. Play with Glow-in-the-Dark Oobleck.
    Supplies: cornstarch and  tonic water 
  17. Do Some STEM Activities with Candy.
    Supplies: Various candies 
  18. Create Fake Snot.
    Supplies: Water, cup, gelatin, corn syrup, teaspoon, fork 
  19. Make Your Own 3-D Glasses.
    Supplies: Glue stick, poster board (cut into large triangles), scissors, red acetate, blue acetate, template for eyeglasses, digital camera, computer, photo-editing software

  20. Build Tiny Dancers.
    Supplies: Copper Wire1/2″ x 1/8″ Neodymium Disc Magnets, AA Battery3 in 1 Combination Tool or pliers/wire cutters, Template, Crepe Paper, Hot Glue
  21. Learn about the Bouba-Kiki Effect. (If nothing else, than it’s a great name!)
    Supplies:  pen, pencil, index cards, paper 
  22. Make Crystal Geodes. 
    Supplies: Blown-out eggshell, 
    Alum powder,White glue, Small paint brush, Plastic or glass container, Egg dye, Hot water, Craft stick or spoon, Latex gloves, Drying rack or newspaper
  23. Engineer with Gum Drops and Toothpicks. 
    Supplies: Toothpicks, gum drops 
  24. Write with Invisible Ink. 
    Supplies: lemon, water, spoon, bowl, Q-tip, paper, lamp or light bulb

  25. Build a Honeybee Hive.
    Supplies: Glue Sticks, school glue, construction paper, scissors, markers, cardboard tubes, poster board, paint, paintbrushes, and index cards.
  26. Explore Glow-in-the-Dark Water. 
    Supplies:Tonic water, Clear, plastic, disposable cup, Medicine dropperMeasuring cup, Bleach, Ultraviolet “black light”
  27. Create a Seed Bead Necklaces.
    Supplies: Air Dry ClaySeedsCompost, Bowl, Toothpicks, Hemp Twine,  food coloring, Paint brushes, glue
  28. Make an Apple Mummy.
    Supplies: apples, 1-2 pounds salt for each mummy, containers
  29. Use Chemistry Concepts to Create Marshmallows. 
    Supplies: 2 envelopes of plain, unflavored gelatin, water, corn syrup, sugar, cornstarch, vanilla, confectioner’s sugar
  30. Find out when the International Space Station can be seen overhead. 
    Supplies: Clean plastic bottle, vegetable oil, food coloring, Alka-Seltzer
  31. Learn about predicting earthquakes.
  32. Discuss Groundhog Day.
  33. Make seed balls for butterfly-friendly plants. 
    Supplies: Wildflower seeds, clay, compost; or a seed ball kit
  34. Go on a nature hike around your meeting place and identify plants, animals and insects. scats, tracks and signs - my kids love this nature book!
    Supplies: Magnifying glasses, identification manuals (Our family likes the Fun with Nature take-along guides.) 
  35. Build a cloud detector. 
    Supplies: A cloud detector kit, or use paper, printouts of cards and popsicle sticks.
  36. Build your own weather station. 
    Supplies: Two alcohol-filled air thermometers, Clear packing tape, Cotton shoelace (the hollow type), One- or two-liter bottle, Water, Thread, Awl, Relative humidity chart
  37. Cupcake core sampling. Hey, it’s all in the name of science. ….
    Supplies: Cupcake mix, Plastic knife, Drawing paper, Frosting,  food coloring, Foil baking cups, Toothpicks, Plastic transparent straws

What other great science adventures had your troop taken? Share your ideas below.

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  1. What a fabulous list of ideas! I am so glad you linked this up at the Lifelong Learners Link-Up at DesperateHomeschoolers.com this week!
    Tina from Desperate Homeschoolers


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