Minion party for Girl Scouts

The Minion movie is here! Our Junior troop loves Minions and this winter they had a Minion – themed lockin.

Here are some ways we celebrated our favorite yellow friends:
Food: Any Minion party needs food. Yellow food particularly.
We dined on nachos for dinner, banana splits for a pre-movie dessert,  and made two-ingredient banana muffins and banana smoothies for breakfast.

Play: Our girls created the funniest Minion play for us, and got their art fix way drawing their own Minion T-shirts. Looking for other Minion craft ideas? Find 15 projects for every level.

Watch: After a game of indoor kickball, we settled in for a Despicable Me double feature.



  1. What a fun idea! My kids love the minions, we haven’t seen the movie yet but this would be a great way to get excited about it. Thanks for the fun ideas. Pinning and visiting from Inspired Bloggers Network on FB 🙂


  2. Minions is a fun backstory for a popular group of sidekicks, but it really shouldn’t extend beyond that. It does a good job with what it has, but it won’t leave you asking for more.


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