Getting Started On Geocaching

When my Juniors expressed interest in earning the Geocaching badge, I was stumped. I had experimented with Letterboxing in Brownies but hadn’t dived into its high-tech cousin.Girl Scout Junior Geocaching badge: Tips on getting started

Fortunately one of my dads had discovered geocaching with his daughter over spring break. I remembered his excited text of “We nailed this Geocaching badge” when we were out of town, and it became a weekend hobby for him and his girls. He happily found us a local city park where several geocaches were hidden.
The girls made a travel bug using a generic travel bug attached to an old product sales patch of mine. (Will not confess to which decade.) Travel bug example for Girl Scout Junior Geocaching Badge. This one uses an old program patch to attach to the travel bug.The cache was logged at an existing cache location and loaded to where we can follow its adventures around the country. (There are also super cute travel bugs available on Amazon if this becomes a habit for your girls.)

If you are not fortunate enough to have someone to lead the badge, I truly recommend buying a copy of the Boy Scout Badgebook on Geocaching. It was truly worth it and gave you everything you need to know.

Find travel bugs and other geocaching resources at my Amazon store. Proceeds help support my troop and this blog.



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