The Sun Shines On: A Game About Differences

The Sun Shines On game focuses on what we have in common, and what differentiates us all.

Girls will need to be seated on a chair, and the facilitator stands in the middle oGames for Girl Scoutsf the circle. There should be one less chair than there are people, so there is always someone left in the middle.

Explain that you will make a statement and if it applies to them they must quickly get up and swap chairs. For example, “The sun shines on people who (choose an attribute that more than one person in the room has, including the person saying the statement, e.g. have blue eyes; are wearing red; have a sister etc). Girls can not sit back in the chair they just vacated.

All the people who share that attribute must swap places and the person from the middle must try to take one of their places, leaving a new person in the middle to say the next “The sun shines on…” . Continue until everyone is exhausted (or has had a go!).

After the game, talk about:

  • What did you notice about the game? Did everyone swap chairs each time?
  • What does that tell us? (i.e. we are all different)
  • Is it important that our friends are the same as us?
  • What happens when our friends don’t like the same things as us?
  • People say it’s important that we are all different, but often this is also used as a reason to hurt, bully and isolate people. Can anyone think of any examples of ways in which people are hurt or threatened because they are different?
  • Why do you think this is?

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