Easy Holiday Troop Craft: Wood-Burned Ornaments

Wood-burned ornaments can be designed in pencil by children of any ages and then burned by an adult.

Looking for a unique holiday craft that your Girl Scouts can create at a troop meeting for themselves or for a parent gift? Our troop this year designed wood-burned ornaments.

Wood-burned ornaments are easier to create than you think. Simply provide each scout with a pencil and a wood slice ornament. Instruct them to design a holiday image on one or both sides.

Meanwhile an adult can oversee the warming up of a wood-burning tool with a fine-tip edge. As wood-burning tools can reach hundreds of degrees, I’d recommend the adult do the actual burning versus the scout. While our Cadettes did do woodburning as part of a council activity, the reality is small, minor burns can occur as a result of learning how to use such a tool.

If you have not burned wood before using a woodburning tool, the process itself does not take long. Once your wood-burning tool is heated up, you will simply use the tool todraw over your design. As long as the tool is in contact with the wood it burns the wood.

I would recommend doing this project in two steps. The fiest would be the design stage with the scouts drawing their artwork during the meeting. Depending on the size of your group, you may want they want to do the woodburning component at home.

Wood-burning supplies can be found at many art stores and on Amazon. (Here is the basic wood-burning set I use at home.)

The wood-slice ornaments themselves are trickier to find even when it’s not the Christmas shopping season. I love recommending purchasing wood-slice ornaments in bulk on Amazon but have had some success on occasion finding them at Hobby Lobby. (Please note any Amazon purchases through this site I do receive a small commission from at no additional cost to you.)


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