Celebrating a First Class Girl Scout

At the start of 2019, Girl Scouts USA announced it was enveloping its highest award honorees into the Girl Scout Gold Award family.

The highest rank or honor has changed names over the generations, and I remember my mom telling me that she would have stayed in scouting even longer if there were a troop and more options for her.

My mom achieved First Class in Colby, Wisconsin, though I’m not certain of the year because her Girl Scout book was lost over the years.

My mom was never a Girl Scout leader but she was a Girl Scout in her heart. She stubbornly found me new troops every time one I was in dissolved. She got me to Girl Scout camp each summer, including my years as a day camp aide, and always without fail shared her resources with her granddaughter’s troop.

When Girl Scouts announced the “Gold Award family”, I filled out the digital profile for Mom but knew given her health she wouldn’t have energy to do it.

Some time later, I got a call from Mom, who received a letter and a Gold Award pin in the mail. She was so surprised and touched.

Mom passed in May, but she will still be part of my daughter’s Girl Scout journey. Grandma’s Gold Award pin awaits the day my daughter becomes 3rd generation Gold.


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