Girl Scout Gold Award Ideas – Animals

Is your high school Girl Scout interested in animal causes? Check out these past Gold Award projects for inspiration.

Pet Dehydration Project. A Girl Scout Ambassador worked with a park ranger and spearheaded the installation of a pet water fountain at local park. She also created a pamphlet on pet dehydration and overheating for local animal clinics and hospitals.

Hoof to Muzzle. A Girl Scout developed a website for her school equestrian club and other beginners who were interested in learning to ride horses. The site contains information on the care and feeding of horses, equipment needed to ride and basic riding information.

Cattery Run. A Girl Scout and her team built an exercise area for cats at a local animal shelter and provided an easier way to clean and sanitize the cages so the cats are living in a cleaner environment.

Bark Parks: A Girl Scout worked to educate dog owners at local Bark Park on how to assess their pets’ aggressiveness and interact with other dogs at the park.

Disclaimer: Often when I share highest award projects on social media, I get asked, “How is that a Gold Award project? (Or Silver Award, or Bronze Award?)” While there are formal written guidelines for the Girl Scout Gold Award, each Girl Scout council may have additional steps or interpretations of those guidelines.

Girl Scout Gold Award project ideas and inspiration: Animals


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