Girl Scout Gold Award Ideas – Reading & Literacy

Is your high school Girl Scout interested in reading and literacy causes? Check out these 5 Gold Award projects for inspiration.

Reading and Responsibility in Education: A Girl Scout Ambassador wanted to foster the love of reading in children who were all too often immersed in a tablet or digital device. As part of her project, she collected more than 800 books through a community book drive she organized. The scout gave one book to each of the 660 students at a local elementary school, with others going to classroom libraries.

Book Club: A Girl Scout hosted book clubs for elementary school girls and for high school girls, to give them an opportunity to read for their own enjoyment instead of the critical thinking reading they have to do inside the classroom.

Early Literacy Trail. A Girl Scout installed community literacy trails in Haiti, Kenya, and Milwaukee. The trails use games to engage children and involve parents in their child’s reading development.

Book Appeal: A Girl Scout created a child-friendly display for a local public library, to encourage an early love of reading. She also recruited high-school volunteers from the school’s Key Club for a read-aloud program to help toddlers develop an early love of reading.

Elementary: A Girl Scout created a film, “A Study in Sherlock,” for seventh-graders with a goal of fostering education and inspiration for all things Sherlock Holmes.

Disclaimer: Often when I share highest award projects on social media, I get asked, “How is that a Gold Award (Silver Award, Bronze Award) project?” While there are formal written guidelines for the Girl Scout Gold Award, each Girl Scout council may have additional steps or interpretations of those guidelines.

Girl Scout Gold Award project ideas and inspiration for reading and literacy causes


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