Fabric Flip Flop Makeover DIY

Looking for an easy summer craft with your older Girl Scouts? Upcycle an old pair of flip flops (or a inexpensive pair from the store) into a one-of-a-kind fabric-friendly look.

I loved my Okabashi sandals and wore them for so many summers. When one of the straps finally gave out, I knew it was time to get a fresh look.

After searching on Pinterest, I found a gorgeous pair of fabric flip flops to model from by Must Have Mom. I took some leftover T-shirt material and upcycled my still-comfortable sandals into something fresh.

This project takes about 1/2 hour to 45 minutes and is a great way to stealthfully refresh your scouts on their knots. 🙂

For each pair of sandals you will need:

  • a pair of inexpensive flip flops (or old pair to reuse)
  • 4 pieces of fabric, approximately 2 feet x 4 inches in size.
  • fabric scissors


    1. Turn the sandals over and cut the straps from your sandals.
    2. Cut a small diagonal on one end of each piece of fabric.
    3. Take two pieces of fabric and thread through the top hole. Pull through until you have about 1 1/2 inches of fabric through the bottom.Easy summer scout craft project for tweens and teens. Makeover your old flip flops with this fabric look in 30 minutes
    4. Tie a square knot at the bottom of your sandal. Pull tight.
    5. Flip your sandals over.
    6. About an inch down, tie two overhand knots.
    7. Cut diagonal on the other end of the fabric. Pull one piece of fabric through each of the remaining holes.
    8. Try your sandal on and tighten the straps to a comfortable position.
    9. Flip your sandals over.
    10. On the inside sole, tie and overhand knot, then thread the fabric back through the hole.
    11. Thread the fabric through the outside sole.
    12. Try your sandal on again and tighten the straps into a comfortable position.Easy summer project for your teens and tweens. Makeover your old flip flops with this fabric look in 30 minutes
    13. Flip your sandal over and tie the two strands together in a square knot.
    14. Trim your excess fabric on the back.
    15. Repeat on the other sandal.

One item to note: Even if your knots seem large, they will work into your sandals as you walk into them.

Makeover your old flip flops with this fabric look in 30 minutes. Check out this DIY tutorial.

Easy summer Girl Scout project. Makeover your old flip flops with this fabric look in 30 minutes
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