Fear Pong for Kids

I looked at the schedule for our CSA campout this weekend and did a double-take.

No, it wasn’t beer pong.

The Senior Girl Scouts who organized our Murder Mystery weekend had come up with a different twist: Fear Pong.

As you landed the ping pong ball in the cup, the opposing team had to take the challenge that was written underneath.

Fear Pong: A fun, kid friendly party game

I loved some of these challenges. Some of them included:

  • Run up to someone in the room and scream “How could you?”
  • Dance crazy for 30 seconds.
  • Run around the room like a monkey.
  • Drink a spoonful of hot sauce or mustard.
  • Moonwalk across the room.
  • Do 20 pushups.
  • Make a rap about the person to the left.
  • Sing a song solo.
  • Catch a ball blindfolded.
  • Eat a cracker and whistle.
  • Take off socks and use them as mittens for the remainder of the game.
  • Crab walk across the room.

And, our troop favorite:

  • Peel a banana with your feet.

(For the record, two of them got on the floor, barefooted. One held the banana with her feet; the other attempted to peel it. The end result? They ripped the banana in half and then squished the banana out of the peel.)


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