New Cookie Parents: What to Know

Are you a new cookie mom or cookie dad for your daughter’s Girl Scout troop? Thank you for taking the time to help your daughter’s troop and taking some responsibilities off your volunteer leader’s plate!

If you are concerned about how to get started, first, attend your local service unit cookie training and read all your training materials. Reach out to your cookie manager for help.

But keep in mind these tips for staying on track and sane during cookie sales:

  • Track religiously.
  • Whether it’s a DIY spreadsheet or using your council cookie system, make sure you track from the beginning. Include a paper copy.
  • Pad your due dates.
  • Someone will bound to be sick or late.
  • Make sure parents sign their paperwork holding them accountable for any cookies sold and the money.
  • Count every case and box twice. And then a third time.
  • Don’t allow individual sales at booths. It will just mess things up for later.
  • If your council allows it, use a credit card reader to encourage sales.
  • Make sure parents pay before they get additional cookie boxes or cases.
  • Make a separate deposit for each girls’ cookie deposit. It may feel like more work but it makes things easier to track.

How many cases of cookies can fit in my vehicle?

Generally speaking, councils have historically recommended the following:

  • Compact car – 30 -35 cases
  • Standard car – 45 -50 cases
  • Standard station wagon – 70 – 75 cases
  • SUV/Mini van – 100 – 150 cases
  • Standard pickup – 100 cases
  • Standard van – 150 – 200 cases

That being said, leaders and cookie moms can get creative. These volunteers have reported on Facebook groups on being able to creatively squeeze these many cases into their vehicles.

Vehicle Cases (estimated)
Dodge Caravan/Honda Odyssey 140
Dodge Ram 120
Dodge Stratus 55
Escalade 85
Excursion 120
Expedition 100
F150 100
Ford Escape 83
Jeep Cherokee 70-100
Kia Sarento 115
Lincoln Navigator 90
Mazda CX-9 90
Passat 75
Prius 75
PT Cruiser 100
Santa Fe 85-90
Sienna 150
Town & Country 180-200
Toyota Sienna 150
Trailblazer 65
U-haul 10-foot 400
U-haul 12-foot 500

Information provided by scout leaders and volunteers on Facebook.



  1. I have one to add to the car capacity – fit 60 cases in a late model Chevy Impala (But it must be noted that only the driver’s seat wasn’t filled to the ceiling!)


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