Llama Ornament DIY

It was only a week ago that my scout fell in love with Steve.

Turns out Steve was actually Dreamer, a female llama, but that didn’t stop the llama love in our Cadette troop.

In fact, once we discovered the llamas in the barn at Girl Scout camp, we had to go sing to them morning and night.

Llamas are our new love. And if they had their way, my Cadette troop would have hidden some in our church basement.

So this year I decided to do something fun for them. I made a family of llamas for them each to hang on their Christmas tree and remind them of their goofy middle school days.

fleece llama ornament. Easy to sew.

I found this free llama ornament pattern online. Using some scrap fleece and felt (hint: check out Joann’s remnants area), I was able to make ornaments for each girl in my troop quickly for under $3. That’s for the troop!

This would be a very simple early sewing project too.


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